Re: Soil Health

Right On, Thilo:

I have published a compendium of soil management methods suitable in
permaculture in the Soils issue of our journal, THE INTERNATIONAL
PERMACULTURE SOLUTIONS JOURNAL.  Email me privately for details on how to get
a copy.  It anticipates the criticism you report, though it was not written
for that purpose.  Moreover it unifies the various methods, e.g. Fukuoka,
double-digging, sheet mulching, etc., in a single set of principles common to
them all, enabling any reader to then hybridize systems without missing an
important element for soil helath.

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In a message dated 1/11/97 6:51:31 AM, Thilo.Pfennig@kiel.netsurf.de (Thilo
Pfennig) wrote:

>>Some organic farmers in Britain are currently claiming that Permaculture
>>does not work so hard on soil health as conventional organic methods. I
>>would love some examples and references to dispute this with. Cool
>>temperate examples would be best.PC Mag
>This is stupid, because PC is not just another organic method. It is mostly
>a design-concept. So you can design with PC and work with "conventional
>organic methods" as well.