Re: practical use for snails?

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>I've been doing the snail pail trail around the garden for years now and
>have hand picked and discarded x number of hundreds? I don't even
>particularly mind doing this.What I do mind is the bucket of dead and
>SMELLY snails. Does anyone know anything that snails or snail shells
>could be used for (other than food) I haven't been putting them on the
>compost as I heard somewhere they are not suitable, but they must be
>suitable for something other than a big hole in the ground.

1)  Plant something over the holes.  I think you will find tomatoes
especially grateful, or you can give a tree a good start.

2)  You could get ducks and go from snails to eggs (protein surrounded by
calcium carbonate--hardly any change).  Duck eggs are great.

3)  Why not eat them?  I don't understand.

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