Re: practical use for snails?

Are they thin or thick shelled snails? The thicker shells, when boiled clean
and run a bit in a tumbler with a fine grit polish, make windchimes and other
decor. Slit the shells longitudinally about two thirds on a bandsaw or
lapidary saw, drill a hole in the top, hang a small nail inside, make a stout
knot to hold it down from the top a fraction and run the string up through
the hole to attach the shells to a light frame. Hang in the wind and enjoy
the delicate tinkling.

If that is too much like work, clean them (boiling is best) and grind them up
before putting the shells in your compost or simply scatter them around to
work in your soil. The finer the grind, up to powder (the best), the more
benefit from remineralization is possible. While I am not sure based on
personal experience, I have heard it said that the ground shell helps to
persuade snails to go elsewhere.

Milo Clark
Berkeley CA USA