Practical use for alligators?

At 08:44 AM 15/01/97 -0500, Dan wrote:

>Amen.  I'd like to get some ducks here, but I'm afraid they will head for the
>water and get et by alligators.  Any permaculture alligator repellant
>recipies out there? Maybe I could strap a large hook to the back of a very
>old duck that has stopped laying, eh?  I'm just afraid that the necessary
>chain (they'll bite though nylon) will drown the duck.  Anyone with
>experience bottom fishing for alligators?
In a pure permaculture, of course, you could use the alligators to harvest
your surplus ducks, and then eat the alligators (I'm told they're very good)
and harvest the leather.  In northern Australia they have crocodile farms
which do so (not necessarily with ducks; wonder how it would work with emus? :-)

The possibilities are endless: an alligator 'tractor' to clear your
aquaculture pond for new fish.......

Rhys Howitt
Crossroads Medieval Village Co-op
Yass, Australia