RE: fighting brier with fire

At 03:49 PM 1/16/97 +-1100, you wrote:
>>maybe we should look at the work of Alan Savoury
>>to add to the discussion, he talks about fragile vs not-so-fragile
If I could understand all those HRM folks I would take it more seriously.
It works well for many of my fellow graziers, but I personally find it
coumbersome and vague, where PC allways seems clearer.

>It all gets back to what your soil is accustomed to, if you try to
>change soil accustomed to cattle back to santuary for soft footed mamals
>here the native animals die [and I quote work by Robyn Tredwell in NT]
>and maybe in your case - converting prairie to forest is fighting nature too.
>Prairie management employs opportunity for interaction between tribal
>people, large beasts and natural fire.   
>Prairie and pasture management is complex and I won't know half
>of it even when I die.

Perhaps I'm not clear, the savanah was the existing vegitation at the time
of White settlement in my area.  Without aggressive burning by the Native
Americans it would probably succeed into forest.  My concern for grazing is
concentration of minerals frm dunging in the shade of these large trees.  I
guess I'm fishing arround for other opinions for the use of trees on pasture
systems as I'm not cutting these trees down.  Doing so earns one an express
ticket to Hell, I'm sure of that.