Re: Holding steady under fire/Harassed Permies


I thought what Dan was saying is that one does not have to take it. 
>From the 'retalitaion' he has spoken of, it seems to be largely in 
the legal sphere and centred around just making it clear to his 
harassers that he is not going to lie back and take it.

I do not regret making the initial comments that sparked this debate, 
but I am disappointed to find it turning into a slagging off fest.

We all have to deal with the situation that presents itself. In Dan;s 
case, as in my own, we have faced considerable opposition and have 
just had to work through it.

The primary goal of my original comments was to let others know that 
everything is not peaches and cream all the time, and to let those 
out there who are suffering similar actions know they are not alone. 
>From the replies I have received, it is clear thaat this sort of 
thing does happen, but is rarely spoken about. I was impressed with 
the replies I did get to my comments, but disappointed that some 
chose to attack myself or Dan and asking what we had done to bring 
this sort of treatement down onto us.

I know what sparked this treatment of those involved in our little 
part of the world. We were running a rehabilitation and counselling 
clinic. As a result, we stumbled across paedophilia and drug running 
in the local district. While we could of then abandoned our people in 
that situation, we chose to defend them. I, and none of the others 
involved, would change that decision if given the opportunity for a 
rerun. We have stood up to those who have wronged us and those around 
us and this is the sort of retaliation we have had to endure. We have 
had stock shot, brakes on cars interfered with, police conspiring to 
defraud and jail us, and in recent weeks, we have seen the whole 
thing burnt to the ground.
Things are not always peaches and cream, but sometimes, it just gets 
too much.

And I do not know a lot about American History, and so I will not 
speak too long on Dr King, but I understand that the thing that made 
him the strong figure that he was was that he did not lie down and 
take it, but instead encouraged all around to rise up against the 
oppression that was previously being silently endured.

Paul Gill
Canberra Australia

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> Subject:       Re:  Holding steady under fire/Harassed Permies

> In a message dated 97-01-14 09:56:07 EST, Elfpermacl writes:
> << During the civil rights movement, when white people were accepted as
> having an equal interest in civil rights, I was a body guard for Martin
> Luther King when he came to Boston.  >>
> Dan, how can you mention working for Martin Luther King, and suggest violent
> retaliation in the same breath.  What made Dr. King so powerful was his
> strength and courage not to lower his movement to that level.  Yes he's dead
> and the maggots have had their fill, but what an inspiring legacy he left for
> all of us. These "Rednecks" won't change if you throw hand granades at them,
> and don't forget you end up living next to them, with an air of paranoia and
> fear.  What do you do when you bump into them in the grocery store? As you
> both turn away in shame for your stupid actions?
> And... as for your somewhat arrogant comment that I don't know anything about
> these things, I have experienced this in another way.  My wife and I bought a
> house across the street from a major Crack house in Berkeley... Reverse Urban
> Rednecks? We didn't know it at the time. They soon became quite hostile
> towards us, swearing at us , throwing bottles at our house, smearing dog shit
> on a door. These were pathetic people, I couldn't bring myself  to respond
> like that. A lot of other nasty stuff was going on. And these were dangerous
> people, guns, you bet.
> Anyway what finally happened was the whole neighbor hood rallied together and
> we let them know we weren't going to take it anymore. We raised the standard
> of the neighborhood, which was happpening anyway.  One day a U-Haul showed up
> and they were gone.  
> My point is, I could not act like an idiot, just because they were
> confronting me that way. Patience helped alot. Dan think about it. Did the
> civil rights movement go right over your head so you thought you'd give
> permaculture a go ?
> Apologies to the list for going off subject a bit...