J. K. Foy's TAMU Bookmarks


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Title: J. K. Foy's TAMU Bookmarks

J. K. Foy's TAMU Bookmarks

Other Agricultural Resource Lists

Agricultural Information
Agricultural/Environmental Links - Joe Walker
Agriculture Home Page
Computer-based Learning packages - Land Use and Enviormental Studies
EPA Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program - Agriculture
Florida AgriGator
G and G WWW Page
Gardener's Supply
Horticulture in Virtual Perspective
Indoor Gardening from Ohio State
Integrated Pest Management Information System - British Columbia, Canada Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks
Mother of all BBS
National Institute AgroEnvironmental Science of Japan
National Integrated Pest Management Network
National IPM Materials Database
Royal Botanic Gardens
Science and Agriculture
Texas A&M Agricultural and Food Policy Center
The Gourmet Gardener
The Virtual Garden
Turf Managers Home Page
US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
Vet/Med Links from Auburn University - College of Veterinary Science
Virtual Center for Integrated Pest Management

Other Associations and Organizations

American Crop Protection Association
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Durham Agricultural Fair Association
Global Agricultural Biotechnology Association (GABA)
Home of the Sugar Worker
International Food Information Council
Stratsoy - Strategic Soybean System

Other Biodiversity and Environmental Servers

Other Extension Services

Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
Arizona Cooperative Extension Service
Extension Resource List provided by North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Florida AgriGator
Illinois Cooperative Extension
Iowa State University Extension
Michigan State University IMP Information System
New York - Cornell Cooperative Extension WWW Server
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Ohio State University Extension Web Server
Oregon State University
Penn State Cooperative Extension
Purdue Cooperative Extension Service
Texas Cooperative Extension Service
University of Maryland Inform System
University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Agriculture & Natural Resources Database
University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
USDA Extension Service

Other Outside Sources

Agricultural Genome Information Server (NAL)
Florida AgriGator
National Integrated Pest Managment Network

Other Useful Resources

Clip Art Collection
Graphics - Icons
HTML Primer
Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit
PC Magazine: Top 100 Web Sites
Starting Point
Zen and the Art of the Internet - Table of Contents

Other Virtual Library Sites

Entomology Internet Resource List
Irrigation and Hydrology
Plant Biology
Poultry Science
Veterinary Medicine
World Wide Web Virtual Library
WWW Global Entomology ARServer

TAMU Agricultural Agencies

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Texas Agricultural Extension Service - Administration

TAMU Agricultural Departments

Agricultural Communications
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Engineering
Horticultural Sciences
Nutrition Program (Interdisciplinary)
Planning, Performance and Accountability
Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Rangeland, Ecology and Management
Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
Soil and Crop Sciences
Veterinary Anatomy and Public Health
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Veterinary Continuing Education
Veterinary Large Animal Medicine and Surgery
Veterinary Pathobiology
Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology
Veterinary Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Wildlife and Fishery Sciences

TAMU Agriculture Program
TAMU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

TAMU Other Agencies and Departments

Agricultural and Food Policy Center
Center for North American Studies
Ranching Systems Group
Texas Agricultural Market Research Center
Texas Meat Science Section of Animal Science
Texas Plant Disease Handbook
Texas Plant Diversity
Texas Water Resources Institute
USDA ARS Southern Crops Research Laboratory
W.M.Keck Center for Genome Infomatics

TAMU Research and Extension Centers

San Angelo