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>Subject: Re: NOT just farming
>If you keep the city folks in the city, when the shit hits the fan, the city
>folks die.  If  you move them to the country, when the shit hits the fan,
>everyone dies.  Fortunatley, you couldn't get the city people out of the city
>at gunpoint,so you are just wasting your time, not also threatening the rest
>of us.

brother you sound like such a snob ;-(   why don't you bring the country TO
the city? there are *many* cities that are composting en masse, that are
looking into bioshelters and living machines and rooftop greenhouses,
retrofitting, ecological design.... if the wise ol' country folk write off
the city folk as too set in their ways we *both* loose.

> so you are just wasting your time, not also threatening the rest
>of us. (prophesy deleted...   you don't need a weatherman toi know which
way the wind blows!

> I'm more concerned with helping people who want to be self-relaint, and have
>some chance of pulling through the decades ahead, than pissing away my
>effectiveness trying to save everyone.  

well then you are now obliged to go and help those in the city because i can
assure you from my research (i am completing a documentary called "the Earth
changes, about global climate change, survival and human evolution), there
are many city dwellers seek self reliance, in NYC, in west Philadelphia in
brooklyn, heck, even in South Central Los Angeles. I have seen organic
remineralised-soil gardens where once there was race riots. do you talk to
many 25 year olds in the city? they want to hybridize the life systems so
that organic produce comes from arms reach as opposed to being driven across
the world in reefer trucks, they want to dome their roofs, get rid of roads,
they mostly do not drive cars, there are some who re-use vegetable oil for
their diesel engines. 

besides, brother dan, if you think for a minute that any part of Florida
will survive the Earth changes, you prove what i have believed since i began
my journey (and niether native elder, ivy league chair, permaculture guru,
has yet to disprove it) and that is, that even the most knowlegeable persons
are missing HUGE chunks of the information. you included. what about
migrating sub-tropical diseases? what about bacterias from millions of
rotting carcasses? what about nuke plants on fault-lines? what about "the
shadow government"? and if the ice age has already started (the glacier on
the western shore of greenland, Earth's magnetic north pole,  has been
growing since the 80's) then you will need underground domes for growing
food, a decades worth of alfalfa and other sprouting foods (unless you have
an extra warehouse...  and lots of guns, after they tire of killing in
miami, people will go out a looking...)

we are one. here on planet Earth we are all in the shithouse together. and
it is our COLLECTIVE will, our COLLECTIVE knowlege and application and our
COLLECTIVE intent and vision that will get us out of this jam. the 10, 000
or so bio-dynamic, bio-intensive, permaculture farmers will not be able to
conduct the changes nescesarry to survive (ie: cutting the greenhouse gas
concentrations from 360 tp 275 ppm, this takes a collective....)

sorry for crapping on you dan, and this is my first post here (i try to stay
quiet as best i can ;-) but i will not read exlusiveness from anybody and
accept it unless, they have their own planet (with water, soil, and a nice
N-O-A atmosphere).  NOW mor than ever it is our pulling together that will
bring about miracle, and that is what we need if you and i and the other
billions are to make it.

peace be with you, 
keep up the good work, but please SPREAD THE WORD AS BEST YOU CAN!
lee schnaiberg

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