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Emmanuel MEEKERS wrote:
> SORGHAL is a research group in Wallonia (Belgium).  We are working on non-food
> crops, as well on the agronomic aspects, as on the whole transformation path.
> Our studies are going from the plantlets to the end products.
> The Centre for Research on the Economy of Wallonia of the University of Namur
> (CREW) is also working on biomass for many years.  The main interest of CREW is
> the economy of the whole production path.
> The Walloon Government, Department of Agriculture, asked us to carry out a
> study on the possible industrial utilisation of Miscanthus fibres or stalks.
> The Department sees all the new plants as a possible way of agricultural
> diversification.
> Miscanthus is a perennial crop coming from Asia.  This bamboo-like grass can be
> used to produce construction materials, paper pulp, energy, packaging
> materials, ...  In our regions, 15 to 20 odt/ha (oven dry tons per hectare) can
> be harvested each year during at least 15 years.  Several hundreds of hectares
> are cultivated throughout Europe and a European Miscanthus Network has been
> settled in 1992 to carry out research on this crop.
> We are looking for information concerning the industrial transformation or
> utilisation of annual plant fibres in all possible sectors.  Information on the
> utilisation of bamboo stalks (whole or chopped) are also welcomed.
> Your reactions can be mailed to emmanuel.meekers@fundp.ac.be
> Thanks.
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