RE: Ethics? [Online Permaculture Course: File: Ethics Note ethical pricipals

I found it to be true that we are all students and all teachers from the
lest to the greatest.  I find that if I know one thing and April knows 10
and Dan know 30 things together we know 41 things .  I know I started in
the dark so everything I know I learn from someone.   I never heard the
word permaculture before the net and already it seems like I have come from
night  to  day.   Seems like information that is handed down from person to
person is the best information .   I have learn more about chickens from
Dan and April in a few weeks than years of raising chickens the way I
thought I should.  People doing this permaculture thing have lots of great
ideas.  I'm just glad to be a fly on the wall. I did not know there were so
many people thinking about and putting together such a natural life of
living. I enjoyed one straw revolution and glad to see what a long way
permaculture has come. 

The zone idea and thinking in zones was simple yet right on the mark.  I
moved my chicken pin close to the house and I do go there a lot and this
does save so much time.   I value the stuff I'm learning here. I was
wondering if anyone knows what kinds of food you can plant that the
chickens will not eat.  Also what are the plants that one would plant that
would be done at about the same time so you can send the chickens in to
clean up.  Will it work with just 2 pins?Can you put  chickens in one pin
at night and vegetables in the other and then at the time the vegetables
are done switch. I use to cut my front yard now the chickens do it  but I
would sure like to plant something that they will not eat around the trees
that I can eat.