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Dan let me thank you for your reply.  It looks like I have a lot more
designing to do.  does anyone know of a quick easy chicken pin I can put up
and take down in different locations easy.  Easy is the key here.  I tried
to make a chicken tractor but it is too heavy  for me by my self  to move
around . I guess I can just stick fence stakes in the grown and wrap some
chicken wire around it.  Also does any one know of a food that is easy to
grow that chickens love so much I can use it to heard them and get them to
graze in the places I want them to graze.  Now I throw bird seed out and
the really work the spot where I throw it .   I like the way chickens turn
weeds bugs,and weed seeds into eggs and meat.  I need to learn more about
them to get the most from them.   Thanks for all the food for thought.
 At 09:46 AM 1/31/97 -0500, YankeePerm@aol.com wrote:

>Hi Sal:
>You are right with the program there, taking as someone suggested a while
>back, the last first.  Two pens or several pens, depending on your space
>requirements.  The more pens, the more land in growing but the less space
>that the chickens have.  I strongly recommend dumping all kinds of organic
>matter into the pen with the chickens so that they are continually shredding
>it into deep mulch.