Re: TH. Community As Arboretum?

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Marion Murray wrote:

> Could you please explain what you mean by "tree-tags"?  A
> metal tag with the species binomial, or more elaborate?
> Thanks.

In arboreta, for example, there are often smaller, galvanized tags
fastened to a tree with wire, and documenting the genus, species &
cultivar of that individual.  I would prefer to use the exact common
term for this device, if there is one (anybody know?), but above I
was referring to the more decorative, `public' version which can
be metal or plastic, and which if installed incorrectly is injurious
to the tree.  This tree-tag would have the `species binomial', plus
the common name for the tree: Quercus alba / White Oak / Md. State Tree.

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