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     Impacts of Forest Management on Ecosystem Processes

                       June 16 to June 20, 1996

                               Universite Laval
                       Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada

                           First Announcement

The XIVth Meeting of the North American Forest Biology Workshop,
will be hosted by the Universite Laval, in Sainte-Foy (Canada), from
Sunday, June 16, to Thursday, June 20, 1996.  The theme of the meeting
will be "Forest Management Impacts on Ecosystem Processes".

The program will feature plenary sessions with invited speakers,
concurrent sessions with volunteer oral presentations, as well as
poster sessions. Invited speakers include W.T. Adams, H.L. Gholz,
J.K. Jeglum, J.P. Kimmins, and H.A. Margolis. The official language
of the meeting will be English.

A day-long field trip will take place on Thursday, June 20.  One evening
will be devoted to voluntary workshops. Parties interested in holding
an evening workshop should contact Pierre Y. Bernier (telephone and
E-Mail given below).  In addition, the Forests Genetics Resources Study
Group of the FAO/UN North American Forestry Commission will hold a
session concerning collaborative research opportunities in forest genetics
with Mexico.


The meeting will be held on the campus of Universite Laval, in Sainte-Foy,
five kilometers from downtown Quebec City, Canada.  Boarding accomodation
will be provided in student residences.  A block of rooms has also been set
aside in a nearby hotel.

Universite Laval is one of four major french-language universities in the
Province of Quebec.  Within the university, the Faculte de Foresterie et de
Geomatique and the Forest Biology Research Centre (CRBF) carry out teaching
and research activities in Forest Sciences.  The Canadian Forest Service's
Laurentian Forestry Centre and the provincial forest research facilities located
nearby combine with the Faculte and the CRBF to make the area a center of
excellence in forest research.


A "Call for papers" packet will be sent out in October 1995.  A registration
packet will follow in January 1996. Submissions for the organization of
voluntary workshops should be sent in no later than September 1995.
Deadline for papers will be in March 1996.

Social program

The social program will include a welcome on Sunday night, June 16, and
a banquet on June 18.  Aside from these, the Quebec City area offers a
wide variety of cultural and recreational activities.  Quebec City, the
Capital of the Province of Quebec, is the only fortified city north of Mexico.
It is also the French Capital of North America. Overlooking the St-Lawrence
 River, the 17th century "vieux Quebec" is a part of Europe transplanted in
North America and has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
During registration, personnel from the Tourism Bureau of the Quebec Urban
Community will be on hand to provide information on tours and activities.

For more information

Information on the conference, special sessions and voluntary workshops will
be updated during the year on the World Wide Web site of the Universite Laval
School of Forestry:       http://forestgeomat.for.ulaval.ca/

For more information, and to receive subsequent mailings, please contact:
Ms. Dominique Houde, NAFBW'96 coordinator
Agora Communication
2600 boul. Laurier (#2680),
Sainte-Foy (Qc)  CANADA   G1V 4M6
Tel. (418) 658-6755
Fax  (418) 658-8850

To organize a workshop, contact:

Pierre Y. Bernier...... (418) 648-4524