TH: World's Only Golden Spruce has been felled, Please forward!

 Dear Tree-House -

 Today's item was originally posted onto several usenet newsgroups
 before it was forwarded to me by one of our colleagues.  Polite
 apologies if you have already received this.  I'm not sure what
 exactly to make of it.  It sounds to me like the tree could have
 been a variegated individual (genetic mutation) of a species that
 may (or may not) also be rare.  Chance discolorations are commonly
 picked up by the gardening trade and cloned for their aesthetic
 interest.  Of notable example are the popular purple cultivars of
 Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) -- 'Goldsworth Purple,' 'Crimson
 King,' and 'Schwedleri.'  Millions of these all descend from a single
 tree discovered in the wild around the turn of the century.  (The
 amateur arborist who made this discovery also made quite a fortune.)

 From: amundsen@breeze.net (Maiden Mother)
 Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 20:55:10 +0000

 There is only one spruce tree that is clearly known to exhibit a Golden
pigmentation instead of the typical green foliage. This tree approximately
1.5 meters in diameter was felled on January 22, 1997.  The reasons for
this act of violence appear to be linked to passions regarding the
general state of the disappearing old growth temperate rain forests in
Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte Islands which lie off the west coast of
Canada immediately south of Alaska.

The Golden Spruce was located in a thin belt of Old Growth forest in
an area claimed by MacMillan Bloedel under their provincial tree farm
license.  The Yakoun river passes immediately beside the plant. This
area is approximately two meters above sea level.

Temperatures are hovering just below freezing.

In the past numerous attempts have been made to generate new growth from
clippings.  No successes have been reported.

We, members of the Haida Nation are seeking to connect with any persons
who may have advice or assistance to offer in a last attempt to generate
growth from this unique plant.  As of this date please either email me
and I shall forward your thought on to a technical review team once we
have established those persons.