Re: TH: Multi-functional land use (fwd)

Selamat Pagi, Adik.  Apa khabar?  Bagaimana dengan BI?

It's a cloudy, cool morning at Bill's house.  We stayed up til about 10
looking at the Web.  We looked at the TreeWeb, then used a search engine
to find Quiet Trails. Then we went to the Lycos people search and found
all the Wiglesworths in the US, including Bill and Martha, and were able
to click on their address and get a map to their house. Then we plotted
a driving route from his house to yours.  He was very amazed, to say the
least. Fortunately the Web was very fast last night. So, it was great
fun.  This morning I think we'll go for a small walk, then I'll head
back to town and do my chores.

I hope you and Pestament Peeman are well.  Eat lots of good food!

Love, kisses, smooches, hugs and more,
Tom Kimmerer
Forest Biologist
University of Kentucky