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>Please advise as to any books/articles particularly addressing
>this--including designs specific to the Pacific Northwest.  Thanks.

Hi Gayla:

You might look for a copy of THE FUTURE IS ABUNDANT that was published some
years ago by TILTH.  It is oustanding.  I'm not sure if TILTH has
reprinted--I recall getting my copy in the early 1980's.  It should be in
local libraries.

I'm also sending you our annual letter that has our list of publications.
 Our special order catalog, #27 on the list, has designs in it, but none that
were done for PNW, though some with features that apply.   Finding the TILTH
book is worth whatever effort it takes.  Start with that in any case, then
more general types of publications can provide design ideas and approaches
with the tilth data to fill in the species and strategy slots.

For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since
1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
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permaculture training by email. Copyright, 1996, Dan & Cynthia Hemenway, P.O.
Box 2052, Ocala FL 34478 USA  YankeePerm@aol.com  

We don't have time to rush.

Dear Friends:
	Each year we write to a number of people who share our goals to halt and
reverse destruction to the environment. Sometimes it seems that the victories
in defense of Mother Earth are few and temporary and the press to consume
ecosystems ever more frantic and destructive. We need to touch base with one
another, surely for reassurance and support, and, even more important, so
that we can combine our resources. We believe that this quiet network of
people, each doing what they can to save and nurture part of the planet,
grows. We believe that each of you who receives this letter, and millions
more, works in his or her own way  to restrain the destruction of Mother
Earth and to further her healing and sustenance.
	We are trying hard to do our share. As I write this letter, we are adapting
our three-week Elfin Permaculture Design Course, evolved since 1984, to offer
as a correspondence course over the internet. We will retain the content of
our "live" course, but conduct discussions in an "email classroom." We will
supplement the extensive reading list with email transmissions, computer
disks, and other documents. We have received a very large response to our
initial inquiries and expect that the email course will be a major part of
our permaculture teaching henceforth.
	Another important innovation is the inception of a three-year program with
Permaculture Network/Foundation, Kenya, which was founded in response to our
proposal. It all began when Michael Odula of Kenya wrote asking us to teach a
course.  We then told Michael about the three-year model that we developed
for annual visits, intern exchanges, correspondence, and if possible, email
information exchanges.  The goal will be to support the rapid development of
local expertise at a permaculture center for education, demonstration,
research, resources, and outreach. They have already received donations of
several parcels in the Homa Bay region on Lake Victoria as well as
contributions from Yankee Permaculture and others for their library.  We
badly need money to begin. Please contribute. Write for a copy of the budget.

	The project is developing in unexpected ways. Mrs. Odula, who is an
important organizer for women's health in the region, has written to Cynthia
about integrating crucial health issues into the program.  This is something
we, Cynthia and Dan, have discussed for years. Perhaps our most exciting
development of 1996 is to have a long term involvement with a group where
Cynthia's expertise in wholistic medicine, women's health, and permaculture
can be fully challenged. Moreover, Mrs. Odula is already talking about
exchanges between traditional practitioners and Cynthia, who is a Certified
Nurse Midwife in the US.
	Closely connected to the Kenyan project is revival of our interest in direct
study of chinampas. These highly productive swamp gardens developed centuries
ago in the area now called Mexico City. We would like to visit the chinampas
that remain and work with the chinamperos. We have made important contacts to
further this work through the internet.  Chinampas could well create
additional croplands on the shores of shallow Lake Victoria, for example,
providing a place to grow food for people who sorely need it. Of course,
successful transfer of chinampas to Kenya would have benefits to many other
places and could prevent further drainage of wetlands for cropland. This
project, also, needs funding, though the initial expenses are more modest.
	Since our last letter, Yankee Permaculture began a new publication, PROD
(Permaculture Review, Overview, and Digest.) We have offered several new
publications, including Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics by Dr.
Frank Martin and How to Live--Free at Last by Dr. Pat ffyske Howden. We have
come out with a major revision of Yankee Permaculture Paper #13, Domestic
Energy Conservation & Generation: References, Resources and Suppliers.  And
we have picked up several new publications, including a new and much improved
edition of Water for Every Farm  by the late P. A. Yeomans, The Humanure
Handbook by JC Jenkins, and the periodical Caretaker Gazette, an invaluable
resource for people of limited funds who seek access to land. We continued
our update of existing publications, notably completing our project to
upgrade the Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet series.
	Due to setbacks in our Tree Bank program that center around our dependence
on volunteers we have put the project on the back burner. However, we have
proposed a Tropical Tree Bank and received some interest in establishing such
a network of genetic reserves of tropical species useful in permaculture.
With the decreased activity of Tree Bank, our Robin newsletter will change
character, becoming more of a permaculture question and answer forum. Dan has
also begun another such forum in column form in Pomona,  the publication of
the North American Fruit Explorers. 
	Unfortunately, progress on some fronts has slowed action on others. Right
after we launched PROD, we decided to move to Florida for economic reasons.
We have been in housing limbo for nearly six months, resulting in a virtual
halt of new issues of our serial publications. We have now found land to base
our permaculture activities. The purchase may be complete by the time that
you get this letter. Much of our prospective home is wetlands, and we expect
to be developing our own chinampas integrated with aquaculture and designed
by permaculture principles. In addition, we will run comparisons of upland
rice culture using Fukuoka methods with paddy rice systems integrated with
aquaculture. We will also see if taro can be grown in Central Florida and of
course establish many species and varieties of tree crops. Dan is
particularly excited about the prospect of utilizing Asian water buffalo in
these projects as he has long been a proponent of adopting them in warm
portions of the US.
	We seek help to continue our work. We need collaborators, volunteers,
interns, fundraisers and others who wish to be part of such projects. They
can be local folks or people who contribute by mail or internet. They can be
beginners or people seeking advanced training. Purchase of our publications
for your own use or as gifts will help. Contributions of money can make a
major difference to our projects for people with little means.
	We hope that our publications and teaching help you become more effective in
the ways in which you work for the Earth. However you work for Mother Earth,
we send our support and appreciation, renewed again at the dwindling of
another year.  
For Mother Earth

Dan and Cynthia Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture publications, Elfin
Permaculture teaching & consulting, and the Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network

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