Summer Course Offering

This it the first announcement of a Summer Course that may be of interest to
those on this list:


Summer Institute in Sustainable Living:  June 5-28 
including Permaculture Design Course: June 5-20

University of New Hampshire Summer Session, 1997

In the summer beauty of New England, twenty-five to thirty students and six
faculty will create a special learning community for sustainable living.
 Through observation, lecture, demonstration, discussion, and hands-on
learning in ecological design, students will develop their practical skills
and knowledge for living sustainably and in harmony with the natural world.

During the first two weeks, students will participate in a Permaculture
Design Course (PDC).  For 20 years permaculture has been evolving worldwide
as a system of ecological principles/practices for sustainable food, shelter,
livelihood, and community.  A major goal of the PDC will be to work on the
design of an educational eco-village on the Geocommons College site at Derbysh
ire Farm, a beautiful 75-acre hilltop farm in southern New Hampshire bordered
by 2,000 acres of protected wilderness.
During the optional third week, students will plan steps for implementing
some of their permaculture designs, further develop their skills in
sustainable living, visit local innovative projects, write up project papers,
and enjoy the beauties of the natural environment and community.

This is a special opportunity to be guided by outstanding faculty in
ecological design and to cooperatively explore ways to apply new learnings
towards making one's own home, community, and campus more sustainable. The
daily schedule aims for a balance of physical, intellectual, emotional, and
spiritual elements as a conscious experiment in sustainable group living.  

Topics and activities will include:
-permaculture principles and ethics
-organic food production and healthy diets
-bio-system mapping and site evaluation
-design patterns and microclimates
-economic and career considerations
-cooperative community processes and forms
-sheet mulching, composting, and companion planting
-edible landscaping and forest gardens
-appropriate energy systems and shelter
-mindfulness practice, shared inspiration, celebrations

COURSES AND CREDIT:  Those attending the full three-week Sustainable Living
course (EC 687) will receive four UNH credits which can be readily
transferred to other schools.  All students completing the PDC will be
certified as Permaculture Design Trainees and may use the term "permaculture"
in the pursuit of livelihood and educational uses.  After two years
experience, applications may be made for an Applied Permaculture Design

David Jacke - Nationally recognized master permaculturist with 12 years of
professional experience.
Cynthia Edwards - Professional landscaper for 20 years and international
permaculture development worker.
Dan Earle - Professor of landscape architecture, Louisiana State University,
and permaculture designer.
Bruce Kantner - Founder/director of GCY, UNH faculty in sustainable living,
organic farmer, builder.
Daniel Greenberg - GCY faculty, PhD in psychology and intentional communities

COST:  $1,200 for 3-week Institute; $750 for 2-week PDC only.  Both include
tuition, food, and tent space.


Gaia Education Outreach Institute
Derbyshire Farm, Temple, NH 03084
(603) 654-6705  geo@igc.org