TH: Tree-House miscellany

 Thank you Bob Wintermeyer & many others who wrote in
 to express your concern for the Golden Spruce Tree
 incident.  Please folks, if you hear more about this
 tragedy, forward the details to the rest of us on TH.

 Another sad story this week is the closing down of David
 Doyle's amazing list, World Ecology Digest (WED).  Tree-
 House has often quoted long excerpts from this great
 on-line source, which reportedly had over 6,000 members
 world-wide.  That is quite impressive.  All the best to
 David Doyle, author of the recent book _Deeper Ecology_.

 The company that Flora contracts for list-services is pobox,
 out of Philadelphia.  They have recently reported that in
 the next few months Tree-House will be upgrading to a new
 version of Majordomo (2.0), or possibly could be converted
 over to the ListServ network.  Either of these would mean
 improved, more sophisticated capabilities for our membership.
 Some of you have no doubt already noticed a dramatically
 sped-up turn-around time for out-going postings.  And while
 we're on this topic, the trial start-up of our new 'FloraList' 
 Bird-House (discussion list for backyard birding & wildlife),
 has inadvertantly resulted in 7 or more new subscriptions on-
 to this list, which inches us ever closer to the '100' mark.

 It ain't WED, buts it's a personal best for old Tree-House !

 Richard Tryzno Ellsberry | [http://flora.com] | Baltimore / USDA Zone 7