Re: TH: White Pine / I need help please!

	Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is found throughout the eastern
US and ranges as far west as the Mississippi drainage.  The long slender
needles are grouped in fascicles of 5.  Being one of the 5 needled
pines with such slender leaves the tree takes on a very feathery,
graceful appearance.  The cones are long and slender.  A western version
is Pinus monticola, it is found from Idaho westward.  Specimens from each
side by side can be difficult to distinguish from one another.
	In early colonial times, Pinus strobus was the most signifigant
timber species of the new world.  In the virgin forests these trees
attained enormous size and had a very straight bole (stem).  The kings
navy immediately recognized the signifigance of this, and being in dire
need of ship masts, marked many of the ideal specimens.  The mark was a
unique blaze that signified the tree as property of the crown.  There was
a substantial penalty for illegal taking of the mast trees, although I
would imagine the rebel settlers scoffed at this ruling ;-)!
	In the present, eastern white pine is still a very valuable timber
species.  In tree farm situations where the lower scaffolding branches are
routinely pruned it makes a fine furniture grade lumber.  And as an
aesthetic specimen it is quite attractive, again due to its graceful,
feathery appearence.  Hope this bit of info helps.


Scott Golden
"Trees are the answer!"