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 PHILADELPHIA, PA        Application Deadline, March 12, 1997


The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and its partner,
Community Resources, have been selected by the William Penn Foundation
to monitor and evaluate a five-year, multimillion dollar urban parks
restoration and environmental education project to be implemented by the
City of Philadelphia's Fairmount Parks Commission.

Community Resources seeks to hire a broad-based natural resource
professional as the coordinator for this extensive monitoring and
evaluation project to live and work in Philadelphia, PA.  

Applicants should have a Master's Degree or higher in natural resources,
or a related field, with some discipline mix of biological sciences,
social sciences or education.  Experience and understanding of several
of the following will be expected:
   Monitoring and evaluation methods
   Urban planning issues and concepts
   Park and protected area management
   Restoration ecology
   Community development
   Environmental education 
   Ecosystem management that integrates human and biophysical concerns
   Social science research methods

The successful candidate is a professional who works efficiently; values
deadlines; meets challenges with creative solutions; works well in a
wide-range of cultural, political and physical settings; and can move
comfortably from independently guided actions to the compromises of team
efforts.  Exceptional oral and written communication skills are
expected.  Familiarity with Philadelphia's many environments is a plus. 
All applicants should be energetic, flexible and good humored.

Responsibilities and Duties:
The Monitoring and Evaluation Project Coordinator will work in
conjunction with Community Resources' Executive Director and Dr. William
Burch from Yale University to develop and complete a five-year
monitoring and evaluation plan; collect monitoring data on parks
restoration and environmental education activities; evaluate the
Fairmount Parks Commission's accomplishments and effectiveness; and
provide regular reports and recommendations to improve the short and
long term impacts of the project.

Dr. Burch will be the Principal Investigator on this project, providing
years of experience in protected area management and monitoring and
evaluation.  Community Resources' Executive Director, Paul Jahnige, will
commit half his time to the management and completion of the project.  
The Project Coordinator will work under the direct supervision of Mr.
Jahnige and closely with Dr. Burch.  The William Penn Foundation will be
the primary client throughout the project.

Salary Range: $27,000-$31,000 annually, health benefits included.

Transportation:  Personal transportation is required.  Project related
travel expenses within Philadelphia will be reimbursed.

Duration of Position:  Up to five years.

Application Process:
Please send a letter of intent, resume, three professional references
and a brief writing sample, the writing sample should be a report or
plan written by the applicant,
                To:     Paul Jahnige, Executive Director
                        Community Resources
                        5131 Wetheredsville Rd.
                        Baltimore, MD 21207
                Phone   (410) 448-0640
                Fax             (410) 448-0874
                No e-mail applications please

 All Applications must be received prior to March 12, 1997

 Community Resources is an equal opportunity employer.