TH: ANNOUNCEMENT - Ecological building in cold climate

 Date: 22 Feb 1997 09:49:49 -0000
 From: Heidi Wrighton <heidi@heronbay.demon.co.uk>

 Ecological building in cold climatic conditions--in areas with freezing
winter conditions, high  moisture and wind--requires careful consideration
and ingenuity.  The workshop discussed some of the details of ecological
building through a slide show.  It has been said that we know enough about
the practicalities of ecological building.  Perhaps some people know
enough, but certainly too few  people do.  There is, for example, much
confusion about what a 'breathing wall' is.   For Frederica,  the
sophistication of design relies on the right practice of details, and this
applies to many different levels of life.

Frederica Miller is an architect, permaculture designer, and a member of
the GAIA-group in Norway. The GAIA-group has pioneered ecological building
practices and design in Norway for ten years, focusing on small scale,
locally based projects.  Frederica recently initiated the JERA project to
establish an eco-village near Oslo.

The above two paras are from an article on display at
http://www.gaia.org/evis/evbook/pg64.html  -  A new article up almost every
day throughout February.

Hope it's of interest.



>>>"Can we ecologically & legally use old tires to fill & heal abandoned
>>>gravel >pits?"

"Ground too level? Need a handy hill? It may be cheap to get mondo tires
dumped & then cover the
works with gravel & topsoil.

>>>"In the Great South Bay, between Fire Island and Long Island, someone
>>>>(presumably a
department of the government) created several artificial reefs >out of used
tires, which became
favored housing for local black fish & sea >bass. I >have never caught so
many black fish in my life."

"possible better use for tires is cut up and used as roofing tile. I got
this idea after looking at some
several century old ceramic roofs in Spain. Tires have about the same camber.."

>>>>>>"using cut-up tires for roofing tires: DANGER DANGER DANGER this is a
>>>>>>>>major fire
hazard!!!! When tires get burning they are very difficult to put >>out."

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