TH: Early Spring in Baltimore ...

 To Tree-House -

 Here in Baltimore February is historically our nastiest,
 coldest slushiest blizzardiest depressingest month of the
 year, normally.  But the past week has shown sunny skies
 with singing birds, brief showers and temperatures hovering
 near 70F, weather more like May than mid-winter.  This evening
 in a chat with our 'Pit Crew Chief' Gary Letteron, in one
 of our typical community forestry strategizing sessions (or
 so we'd like to believe), Gary mentioned that he has witnessed
 trees around downtown that seem to be readying for flower.

 I don't suspect that being fooled like this will seriously
 threaten any of those trees, but might disrupt their repro-
 ductive cycles for the current season anyway.  We may end up
 chilling a few of our Cherry or Magnolia blossums come spring,
 but for this brief moment, it's beautiful ...

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