TH: Genetic Viability

 Dear Tree-House -

 I just received my new copy of 'Deeper Ecology: Essays On
 Ecological Spirituality,' by David Doyle, founder of WED
 (World Ecology Digest).  You can find the WWW-site for Wild
 Side Publishing, which is also linkable from our Tree-
 House pages, located at:


 The book's shortest piece is timely in the wake of recent
 world news of an adult mammal cloning.  (For the record, I
 think that Doyle is an excellent writer.  Also, I do not
 share what seems to be the common consensus that sheep-
 cloning is intrinsically perverse and dangerous.  Plenty
 of other current developments are more disturbing and corrupt
 than this medical research is, although the potential for
 commercial abuses is admittedly quite high.  Everyone reading 
 this has probably eaten a laboratory-cloned vegetable today.)

 Genetic Viability

 They say science will find answers to every question.  And, in
 my time, I hope I never live to see the day when science can
 create life.  For on that day, if it ever comes to pass, nothing
 will remain sacred, and just as well, you should throw any ideas
 of theology out the window.
                                             - David Andrew Doyle (1996)