TH: Boring technical stuff

 Hi Folks -

 If you don't like to read computer-netspeak, then delete this
 posting immediately.  Couple of minor points ...

 1. For weeks we have been fine-tuning our new 'archivedition'
    Bird-Tree-Digest, which has resulted in numerous pesky
    configuration glitches and abberations.  Tree-House should
    be running very smoothly by mid-March.  If you haven't
    noticed, then good.  In the meantime, expect system hiccups.

 2. During this same period we have been swamped with phony sub-
    scription requests, obviously from some frustrated idiot trying
    to amuse himself.  This has prompted further config adjustments
    both at Flora here, and at our list-server (Pobox).  Again you
    probabaly haven't noticed anything at all.  Good.

 3. With necessarily increased security, sometimes postings do not
    circulate automagically through our Majordomo system, but get
    intercepted and 'bounced' to me.  This is usually because the
    return address carried by the message does not exactly match our
    address for that posting member.  Generally it gets onto Tree-
    House within a few hours.  If this has happened to you, we can
    correct your address in our base, rectifying the situation.  There
    are also other Majordomo tricks which we can discuss off-list.

 Back to the Trees !
 Richard Tryzno Ellsberry | [http://flora.com] | Baltimore / USDA Zone 7