TH: Ceder Tree - Kent UK

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The conference gave me a lot of help in starting a campaign to save a
200 year old ceder. The early signs were good. The Borough Landscape
Officer came out to visit the site and, on the strenght of the visit
said she would apply for a tree preservation order - UK legislation that
requires permission from the local Borough Council before any work can
be made on the tree. This was a useful victory because the tree was
already protected by the same statutory requirements by virtue of being
in a conservation area.

Justin, on this conference, sent me a good list of requirements. I was
successful in getting the Parish Council to endorse them in every

It has all been to no avail however. The diggers moved in this week
before anything was in place. Borough Council Officers have been to the
site and done nothing. There is now the foundations for a drive within
the canopy drip line.

Anyone got any suggestions?
Adam Poole