TH: Pyrus calleryana

 Greenings -

 'Seasoned' community foresters are fond of kvetching over
 Asian cultivar Bradford Pear trees, with their nasty habits
 of splitting off major limbs -- when the rains set in (like
 a candle in the wind :) ...

 But judging from the lush, early buds on street trees here
 it looks like we are in for one blossoming springtime.  In
 Baltimore we are still enjoying a kind and gentle winter,
 for the records.  We have been luckily spared the devastating
 floods which have wracked much of the South-Central US.  But
 then again we will likely pay for it in August.  Baltimore's
 hot, hazy, humid summers are legendary.  The past couple
 years we have not had to water quite as much, but during
 a drier spell we can lose a tree on every block.  Be
 grateful for nice weather when you got it.

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