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Hi all,

the bloom report for Cincinnati:

The Elms are at or just past peak.  The Red Maples are just beginning to
show around town.  The wild red maples seem to be further along than the
cultivated ones.  Our 'Red Sunset' maple has just started to bloom.  I am
adding some seedling Red maples to my tree inventory so some year I will be
able to tell if the schedule is that much different.

Our Serviceberry has the 'bloom buds' emerged and expanding but it will
probably be 2 weeks or so before bloom.  What is the correct term for the
little buds that emerge from the larger buds on a serviceberry?

Some small white flowers are currently blooming in the woods.  I didn't
notice until I got up close.  No leaves, just fleshy brown stems with tiny
white flowers.  Any ideas?  The Trilliums, actually Toadshade, are just
beginning to emerge from the ground.  The Mayapples can't be too far

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>  Hi Folks -
>  The deep Red Maples are out (Acer rubrum -- our most popular
>  native street tree), as are the soft-white Bradford Pears
>  (Pyrus calleryana).  We have also seen mixed Cherries, and
>  the magenta Saucer Mags (Magnolia soulangiana -- another
>  lovely native) are just about ready to burst.  The Dogwoods
>  (Cornus florida) are still hibernating ...
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