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 Greenings Tree Friends -

 Especially to our several new list subscribers, who bring our
 little club here to about 80 correspondents.  Over the past few
 months we have run several authoritative reports on the latest
 cultivars of American Elm (Ulmus americana), which are being
 selectively bred for their resistance to Dutch Elm Disease (DED).

 As I understand it, these trees are true to the species and not
 (crossed) hybrids.  They are not 'immune' to the blight, per se,
 but remarkably hardy following 20 years of painstaking research.

 As it is here on the streets of Baltimore City, some mature in-
 dividuals are continuing to survive.  I will do my best to review
 those earlier Tree-House postings over the weeks ahead and try
 to ascertain if sources are available for these promising new
 varieties.  If you have anything more to offer on this unfolding
 drama, please share your thoughts (or even your best wishes :) ...

 The new Elms will likely be widely available in a couple of years,
 but it would be so exciting to get access to them sooner, whatever
 their cost might be.

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