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The red oaks did not germinate in the fridge, the white oaks did.  I
planted my red oak acorns in pots in early March.  After getting impatient
because nothing was happening a took some pliers and carefully cracked open
both acorns.  1 was good and germinated about 1 week later (back in the
pot).  The root grew for about 1 week before it launched upward.  Dirr says
you are supposed to keep the Red Oak acorns moist, but I did not.  Perhaps
if I kept in a bag in soiless mixture they would have germinated in the

The white oaks work completely different.  All the valid acorns grew
radicals while in the plastic bags with soiless mix (in the fridge).  I
then planted in pots after the radical was about 1/4 inch long.  All but 1
have now sprouted, but 1 is still just growing roots.  It was about 2
months after planting in pots before the white oaks started to sprout

Good luck with your Red Buckeye!  This is my first year trying trees from
seed so I don't think I am any farther along then you, I just picked some
easy trees :-)  I have failed miserably so far with White Ash, Tulip Tree,
and Sugar Maple.

Mark Stephens

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> From: Chris Fafard, Sykesville, MD at chrisf@phe.com
> Hello RT Ellsberry:
> Your message regarding trees from seed was forwarded to me by a friend. 
> have since looked around the Community Forestry website a little.  I have
> trying to grow trees from seed for a couple of years now, with very
> luck.  (I think I need to learn to follow directions better).  My current
> project involves seeds of Aeschulus pavia from my yard in Carroll County
> (planted there by a previous owner, I believe).  I collected fresh seeds
> the early fall and planted in a sheltered outdoor bed immediately, as per
> available guidance (Michael Dirr's, Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, and
> others).  No seedlings yet, but I look each day when I get home.  Stay
> Regarding your red oaks, did they germinat in the bag in the fridge, or
> after being put in soil or starter mix, or maybe on a moist paper towel?
> In general, I will keep trying my little "experiments", and eagerly look
> forward to hearing from other people, such as you, who are farther along
> learning curve.  I'll keep lloking at Tree-house.com. Thanks! 
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