TH: Milwaukee Turns Over a New Green Leaf

 Post-To: Tree-House@Majordomo.Flora.Com (Community Forestry) ----------
 Date: Winter / Spring 1997
 From: 'American Forests' magazine, Wash DC.  "http://www.amfor.org"

 Milwaukee now has a $100,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of
 Natural Resources to help citizens plant trees on private property.
 Last summer's CITYgreen Urban Ecological Analysis (UEA) showed past
 efforts focused exclusively on the public forest.  "Until this UEA
 came out, Milwaukee planners weren't able to see the urban forest for
 the trees," says Preston Cole, city forestry srvices manager.  "Plan-
 ners and policy makers were focusing on just the public canopy,"
 rather than the big picture.

 The Citizen Forestry Support System, a joint project of 'American
 Forests' and Los Angeles' TreePeople, recently led an urban forestry
 summit in Milwaukee to create a citizen's tree-planting group.

 For more information, call 'American Forests' at 202/667-3300 and
 contact Tim Peterson, at ext. 227 for CITYgreen and Karen Fedor at
 ext. 224 for the Citizen Forestry Support System.
                                        - From 'American Forests' (1997)
 Notes:  Tree-House will always be in support of community forestry
 efforts both on public and private lands.  We need more representation
 from these volunteer groups in Milwaukee and Los Angeles and elsewhere !