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>  Hi Beverly -
>  Great letter, and sorry that neither I nor others have been able to
>  provide satisfactory answers to your complex questions.  As for tree
>  inventory software, there are a few packages available.  The Nat'l
>  Arbor Day Foundation can sell you 'Tree-Keeper Jr.' for about $100.
>  That's the cheapest and may serve your needs, but a database program
>  like Excell / FoxPro / Paradox might be a better investment.  If any
>  of our listeners have written a tree inventory database template, could
>  you pass it along to the Santa Margarita Community Foresters?  The
>  argument here is that if you master the database, you can use it for
>  all kinds of other things as well.  Or find a computer geek (like me :)
>  in your neighborhood who wants to volunteer some save-the-trees work.
>  It's a challenge with your costs being over $1000 -- that puts you a
>  bit beyond the smaller fund-raising sources like going to Home Depot /
>  K-Mart etc.  Many popular businesses allocate funds for community
>  projects every year (or can provide shovels, digging-bars, good hoses).
>  Once you get on their yearly cycle they'll expect you back next year.
>  In DC, the folks at GROW (Garden Resources Of Washington) took in 1000s
>  of dollars in a few hours throwing a fundraiser at a fashionable book-
>  store (I believe it was 'Barnes & Noble').  This is an intriguing idea!
>  For more on funding, see the 'Milwaukee' article, immediately following.
>  As for liability, this is where your county / municipality can at
>  least shield you somewhat from potential damages.  Discuss this with
>  your local officials.  They might be more sympathetic than you think.
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Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for responding. I liked your suggestion regarding
Excell/FoxPro/Paradox --- makes sense to use a program that could also
serve other needs in our project and beyond. Though I'm *not* a computer
geek, I am learning to navigate the techno world one step at a time! 

Anyway, thanks again for sharing some ideas to help us on our way.

Beverly Gingg, Coordinator
Santa Margarita Community Forestry

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