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>For the record, the GROW Barnes & Noble event, as fun and rewarding as it
>was, provided us not with 1000s of $ but more like $1100.  It was great but
>diversity in fund-raising is the answer.  A little bit each from garden
>clubs, church congregations, in-kind donations from garden centers and home
>depot type stores, in the range of 500-1000 from benefit concerts or potluck
>dinners or .....
>Good luck!

I just wanted to had some fund-raising ideas that have been used in my
area.  In Iowa over 93 % of the communities have populations less than
5,000 folks.  So, the K Marts and others are not always close by.  The old
pancake supper, soup supper, potluck dinners are used often to raise money
for tree planting.  Some communities have done well with some other
activities such as rubber duck races down a local small river.  Each duck
is sold for a few dollars toward the chance to win whatever the grand
prize.  One communitiy in Eastern Iowa holds a plant sale each year and
raises between $5-10,000 each year for their tree planting program.  Also,
in some communities they have developed what they call a tree voucher
program.  The local tree group donates $5-25 towards the purchase of a new
tree to a landowner, and the landowner pays the difference in the cost of
the tree.  Also, trees are often donated as memorials and in one community
the local funeral home actually donates $20-25 dollars to the local tree
planting group for every funeral.  Local service clubs are also usually
very interested in donating $$ for tree planting projects.  Just a few


Mark Vitosh