TH: NC Street Trees

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Several years ago, the Durham city forester was using Willow Oak in
locations where large trees were appropriate. You may want to contact
her, since she would be quite familiar with the locality. At that time,
Chris Boyer was the Urban Forestry Manager (919) 560-4355.

You may also want to contact your state's Urban Forest Council through
the NC Division of Forest Resources, Urban Forest Coordinator; my most
recent listing is Virginia Russell in Raleigh at (919) 733-2162. That
organization may have a recommended list of trees for city streets.

Joe Morris, an Urban Planner for the City of Salisbruy has recently
(within the last 18 months) completed a Tree and Landscape Ordinance and
probably has developed a list of native and non-native trees suitable
for the city; jmorr@cityofsal.ci.salisbury.nc.us (704) 638-5324.

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