TH: Starting up a Community Forestry Usenet Newsgroup

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 Dear Tree-House -

 I try to keep technical net stuff brief if I can.  I have
 approached the Usenet folks about starting up a new newsgroup.

 This is not an 'alt.' group (alt.tree.huggers), it would be
 within the standard 'big 8' -- comp., misc., rec., sci., talk.,
 etc., which are the most widely distributed of the newsgroups.

 The most obvious place for a forestry forum, under what are
 called the standard Usenet hierachies, would be something like
 'sci.environment.forestry.'  However, I have requested that we
 be given a chance at 'rec.parks.trees,' which also fits on their
 category map.  (This would not interfere with someone else later
 creating one or more forestry groups as indicated above.)

 This notice is so you can protest now rec.parks.trees if you
 are so inlined, or support it if you think it is a good idea.
 Please understand that within these strict hierachies, group
 names are voted on by committee and cannot pass if they are
 non-conformant.  We hope to have rec.parks.trees up and running
 by September, offering attendees at the Urban Forests conference
 in Atlanta (Ga US) full participation, which should be a pretty
 impressive and exciting demonstration for all involved.

 Richard Tryzno Ellsberry | FloraList Operations | Baltimore USDA Zone 7
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