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 On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Dudley R. Hartel wrote:

> I do not participate in newsgroup discussions, but rely more on the
> urban forestry listservs for information and discussion. What, actually
> would be the difference in how rec.parks.trees (or whatever) operates
> and Tree-House?

 A rec.parks.trees newsgroup would be readily 'visible' to millions
 of folks around the world.  It would not have quite the same mutually
 trusting small-group feel that this list has.  Also, it could be com-
 pletely independent of this list, similar in objectives perhaps but
 different in form (implementation).

 Someone who needs an occasional question answered about trees, but
 who does not want to subscribe to a mailing-list,  could post their
 query on the newsgroup.  If one mission of Tree-House is to bring
 a deepened appreciation for trees to a wider audience, then a news-
 group would further that goal.

 Actually, my personal mission here has always been to develop an
 on-line network of mutual support for independent community tree-
 planting (stewardship) programs -- which after 2 years is still in but
 a seedling phase.  'Internet' is not yet a household word everywhere.

 rec.parks.trees (or Tree-House for that matter) has no clear precedent
 on Usenet. Among their 'Big 8' hierachies I believe that there are 1900
 newsgroups, with *none* dedicated exclusively to trees.  Considering
 the groups which already exist, our proposed rec.parks.trees would fall
 somewhere near rec.gardens, and sci.environment (being 2 of the big 8).

 It is my guess that sci.environment.forestry will emerge within the
 next few years anyway, courtesy of someone more 'credited' than I :) ...

 (For the curious, the Usenet 'Big 8' hierarchies -- the widest
 distributed newsgroups in the world -- are comp, humanities, misc,
 news, rec, sci, soc and talk.)  Here in Baltimore, urban forestry
 is organized something like this:  Parks & Rec / City Forestry / Street
 Trees.  This structure is nicely encapsulated in 'rec.parks.trees' ...

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