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> Thanks Mark, that clears it up somewhat. It is still a mystery whether
> I have a virgin female or celebate male. At any rate, no berries!
> Bob

 Hi Bob -

 If your holly produces no berries at all then my guess is that it
 is probably a male (and perhaps not all that celebate :) ... The
 obvious reason being that one would expect other hollies of the
 same species, opposite gender, to be in the vicinity.  But then that
 does not have to be the case -- there just may not be any nearby.

 You could bring home some blossoms from a known male (non-fruiting)
 and do some 'experimenting,' see what develops.  Or you could even
 borrow a small potted individual.  Some folks might find it curious
 that male branches are sometimes grafted onto a female, providing
 her with male flowers.  This really can go against our intuitions
 of what ought to be growing on whom ...

 To Shaub Dunkley -

 Thank you for your comments, you obviously have a good comprehension
 of Usenet's naming conventions for their newsgroups.  If I haven't
 made it clear yet, for this important 'hierarchy' of newsgroups there
 are *none* as yet which contain either 'forest' or 'tree.'  For us non-
 professionals, the term 'tree' can be *very* enticing!  But also the
 phrase 'forests' figures prominently in our collective (un)conscious.

 I might shy away from 'forestry,' in that some folks might think of
 themselves as being more interested in 'forests' than in 'forestry.'

 You are very correct in pointing out that we could be opening up
 paths for further specialized groupings like .urban .restoration etc.
 (The 'community' thing is beyond me -- that may have been misreported.)

 sci.environment.forests ? (As in 'American Forests' magazine.)
 sci.environment.trees ?   (Visual, but may compromise credibility.)
 sci.bio.botany.trees ?    (A variation, but obscures a social context.)

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