TH: US Nat'l Arbor day this coming Friday ...

 Post-To: Tree-House@Majordomo.Flora.Com (Community Forestry) ----------
 And you know what that means ? It means that Tree-House
 Discussion List for Community Forestry will begin its 3rd year
 on the Internet.  So think up something appropo to post ...

 I try to give a big speech on Arbor Day, but I might spare
 you this year.  Otherwise, to clarify some confusion about the
 proposal to start-up a Usenet newsgroup, here are some of the
 particulars.  Even when I try to describe it in simple terms it
 still gets complicated.  That is the 'nature' of the Internet.
 This stuff is bewildering for all of us ...

 The Usenet community has very low tolerance regarding their naming
 conventions for new newsgroups within the important 'Big 8' hierarchies.

 I am trying to establish a world-wide Usenet newsgroup dedicated to
 trees, hopefully with the blessing and support of our Tree-House
 members.  (The Tree-House mailing-list is paid for into summer 1998,
 so there is no reason to assume that we will be going anywhere in
 the next year.)

 We will formally begin applying for this newsgroup next week, in the
 hopes that we can have it on-line by September, for the Urban Forests
 Conference in Atlanta.

 At the moment I am thinking that we should request the descriptor
 sci.environment.trees, and if that shows any signs of not passing
 then we can resubmit as sci.environment.forests.  Hope we can come
 to some agreement on this.

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