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 Happy US Nat'l Arbor Day, Grow19 -
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 On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 Grow19@aol.com wrote:

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> is the usenet about urban forestry which includes more than trees (all trees
> and plantings short of food gardens, i think according to the us forest
> service definition) or is this usenet  group about trees?

 The ironic dilemma that we are in is this.  We started out to propose
 a Usenet newsgroup for Community Forestry (or some variation thereon),
 which is understandable enough.  What we are finding out now is that
 there are no tree- or forest-dedicated groups at all within the Usenet
 Big 8 hierachies (this would exclude bionet.agroforestry for example).

 In an attempt for us to propose any arboriculture discussion over Usenet
 at all, that they are likely to allow to pass, I would like to see
 sci.environment.trees -- however colleague Shaub Dunkley's compelling
 rationale favoring sci.environment.forests is difficult for me to
 dismiss.  The one irrefutable advantage to Shaub's argument is that
 it opens the pathways for finer tree discussions in the future.  None
 of us can be a serious 'forester' who cannot prepare for 10, 20 years
 down the old superhighway.  Imagine:


 This is a compromise for me.  But it's important that we take this
 auspicious opportunity and do what is most right for all the trees.

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