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Hollies (Ilex sp.) are all dioecious (male flowers and female flowers 
separate) and unisexual (plant is either male or female).  One must have a 
male plant in proximity to a female plant (1/4 mile or less I would 
estimate) in order to get fruit.  Look at the flowers closely to determine 
sex of your plant.  No stamens means it is likely a female, stamens and 
anthers means a male and you will never get fruit on the male plants.

Good luck!

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>Please help me understand the holly pollination. Which sex gets the 
>or do they both get them? I have a nice holly aside my house but even 
>it is loaded with blossoms every year I never get any berries. I'm not 
>where the nearest holly in the neighborhood would be if any. What do I 
>to do to get berries? Or if it is the wrong sex will it never get berries?
>Thanks for any enlightenment.


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