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Permaculture In The SouthWest USA


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Permaculture In The SouthWest USA

Permaculture Drylands Institute

PDI (Permaculture Drylands Institute) is a non-profit educational institution.
We are based in Sante Fe, New Mexico and have bases of operation in Sante Fe, Albuquerque,
Tucson and Phoenix. For more information you can email shadetre@amug.org.


Permaculture: A Brief Introduction
Permaculture Drylands Institute Classes
  • For books and literature on Permaculture in Drylands:
    Silverbell Trading
    7007 N Oracle Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85704
    M-S 10am to 5pm

Permaculture, The Art of Living with Nature

Have you ever wondered why we fight nature? Why we don't put solar, gardening, home building, water harvesting etc. all together in one plan to create a more solid structure? What will happen as the roads and infrastructure of our country deteriorates? How do we turn our deteriorating assets into regenerative assets?

Permaculture takes into consideration all of the above and all that nature has to offer. Through this observation and consideration we then learn to replicate these natural processes in our lives, homes, communities and businesses. In how we build our homes, grow our gardens, collect and preserve rainwater, revegetate abused lands, and even run our businesses. What is the easy way to produce a result, rather than the hard way. Permaculture is a paradigm shift from a user mentality to a caretaker mentality.

What is Permaculture? That's the first thing everybody asks me. Everyone wants to make it a thing. A way of gardening, collecting rainwater etc. Well it is all those things, but what Permaculture really is a shift in the way we think. The way that we view the world. A new paradigm. A new way of being (or an old way of being depending on how your look at it).

The basic premise of Permaculture is:

1. Care for the earth

2. Care for her inhabitants

3. Share the surplus

Permaculture is observing what nature has to offer
then using this offering to facilitate a process.
Work with nature, not against her.

Questions, and comments send to: shadetre@amug.org

ShadeTree Marketing, 5515 North 7th Street, #5-144, Phoenix, AZ 85014, 602/279-3713, 800/678-8848

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