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Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute

Lawrence F. London, Jr.

Title: Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute

Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute

About the Institute

Cross Timbers is a non-profit educational institute. We were conceived in April of 1994 when Bill Mollison was invited to teach a two week permaculture design course at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. The institute was incorporated and granted non-profit determination as of January, 1995. Its founders are Jack Rowe, Inger Myhre and Kirby Fry.

Cross Timbers has been relocated from Glen Rose to Rainbow Hearth, near Marble Falls, Texas.

The Philosophy of Permaculture

"Permaculture philosophy is one of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation, rather than protracted and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions rather than asking only one yield of them; of allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolution." (Mollison '90)

Mission Statement

The Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute's mission is to implement and teach sustainable living practices in north central Texas, and to help people make the transition from discovering permaculture and sustainability to living it.

Finding Your Sustainable Future

Many of us would like to discuss and learn more about earning a sustainable livelihood. Please send us any ideas or success stories that you may have. Cross Timbers is also collecting information about job training, apprenticeships and careers in professions which are both sustainable and rewarding to their practicioners.

Our Current and Ongoing Projects

Please see our recommended reading list and photographic tour of the institute.

Sustainable Cyber Communications

Cross Timbers shares interests with many other exciting web sites around the world.

The Texas Area Network

Check out our resource list of other groups and folks in Texas who are also developing sustainable living systems.

Upcoming Events

No events are currently scheduled.

Other Permaculture Institutes

This list of organizations includes the addresses of other permaculture institutes and groups closely associated with permaculture.

Cross Timbers Staff

Cross Timbers is managed by Inger Myhre and Kirby Fry.

Apprentices and Interns

Our intern program has been suspended but we are still welcoming visitors and volunteers at Rainbow Hearth on Lake Buchanan near Marble Falls, Texas.
For more information on Cross Timbers, or
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