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Bay Area Green Web

Lawrence F. London, Jr.

Title: Bay Area Green Web

Bay Area Green Web

General Interest

San Francisco Green Party
The SF Green Party was founded in 1990, to promote ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice, and nonviolence through education, advocacy, and political action. This area includes a variety of information on what the SF Green Party is about, and what they are up to.
Eco-City Planning
Here is some information on the growing field of eco-city, or sustainable, planning. There is also some information on an eco-city non-profit group called Urban Ecology.

Some Interesting Links

Greenbelt Alliance - Bay Area organization active in the preservation of open space. Also promotes sustainable urban development through its extensive work on Urban Growth Boundaries.

Some Bay Area Progressive Stuff - An easy to use site that gives you the who, what, where, and when on what is going on in the Bay Area progressive community.

Earth Island Institute - A San Francisco based organization that has a number of different projects that range in focus from local to international. A few of their 20 projects include the Urban Habitat Program, Berkeley-Borneo Project, International Marine Mammal Project, and the Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

San Francisco Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation - The local chapter of an organization, made up of waveriders and anyone else who loves the ocean, dedicated to promoting the health of Our Mother Ocean.

Vegan Action - a group dedicated to enhancing public awareness about the many benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Sonoma State University - This is where I go to school. I'm in the Environmental Studies and Planning Department as a city and regional planning major. Check it out.

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