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Sandy Bar Ranch

Lawrence F. London, Jr.

Title: Sandy Bar Ranch

Sandy Bar Ranch

At the Ranch

Located in the Karuk Homelands, Sandy Bar Ranch is nestled in a beautiful valley carved out by the Klamath River. Our six riverside redwood cabins are fully equipped with a kitchen/living room, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor deck. The small rural town of Orleans encompasses a diverse community of Native Americans, organic farmers, artisans, Forest Service personnel and local merchants.

At the Ranch you'll find an organic garden, a fruit tree nursery, and handmade crafts. Ask for a tour or try your hand at gardening while you're here. Shiatsu massage is also available.

We are a collective enterprise dedicated to stewardship of the land and the practice of permaculture. In a time of rapidly disappearing wilderness, Sandy Bar offers an out-of-the-way retreat for exploring the few remaining wild areas in California. We hope visitors will treasure this wilderness as we do.

As Sandy Bar continues to grow, we continue to search for new collective members. We also offer a number of work exchange positions each year.

Hiking and Bicycling
Orleans is the home of two ranger stations which offer guidebooks and maps to the abundant hiking, bicycling, and other outdoor recreational activities in the area. The mountainous terrain of this region offers challenging and scenic rides to bicyclists, and the easily accessible Marble Mountains Wilderness offers great hiking through diverse landscapes.

Our cabins are a stones throw from Sandy Bar's deep swimming hole and sandy beach. You can also explore the many nearby creeks and rivers offering countless secluded swimming spots.

All levels of paddle or excursion rafting and kayaking trips are available on the Klamath, Trinity and Salmon Rivers, ranging from mild scenic tours to daredevil whitewater.

Flora and Fauna
From blue herons to bald eagles, river otter to deer, the Klamath Basin offers a wide variety of wildlife for birdwatchers and animal lovers alike. Sited as an area of global signifigance, the Klamath Knot is a field day for plant lovers. For the fungal fanatic, we offer seasonal workshops in cultivation and identification.

Orleans offers some of the finest steelhead fishing in Northern California. Drift boat guides and fly fishing instruction are available.

Conference Space
Sandy Bar Ranch offers secluded conference space for groups of up to 25 with the option of preparing your own meals or letting us cook for you with organically grown food from our garden.

Throughout the year we offer seminars on topics such as: sustainable agriculture, herbalism, performing arts, massage, crafts, yoga, conservation and watershed management. Check out our calendar of events for more info.

Feel free to call or write us at:

Sandy Bar Ranch
PO Box 347
Orleans, California 95556
(916) 627-3379

or e-mail us: Sandy Bar Ranch