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Dancing Rabbit: An Ecovillage Community

 Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Dragonfly Market Gardens
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Title: Dancing Rabbit: An Ecovillage Community

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Working Towards A Sustainable Future

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The Dancing Rabbit Project is a group of individuals who desire true environmental sustainability. Rather than the "quick fixes" or band-aid efforts of the mainstream, we are interested in long-term societal and technological changes that will ensure the integrity of the ecosphere, and the well-being of humans, far into the future.

We believe that it is impossible to live sustainably while enmeshed in the consumer culture, but humanly difficult to live independently in isolation. Therefore, we envision a locally self- reliant town committed to radical environmental sustainability -- a place where one can get one's livelihood and happiness without causing environmental degradation. We intend to build such a town.

Fully realized, Dancing Rabbit will be a small town with about 1000 residents. We will be housed in a variety of living arrangements, eat a variety of foods, and work on varied projects. It will be a society flexible enough to include egalitarian communities, cohousing, individual households, and hermits. But while we may have different approaches to some issues, the common desire for environmental sustainability will underlie all key decisions at Dancing Rabbit.

Although Dancing Rabbit will strive for self-sufficiency and economic independence, we will not be sequestered from mainstream America. Rather, outreach and education are integral to our goals. We will vigorously promote ourselves as a viable example of sustainable living and spread our ideas and discoveries through visitor programs, academic and other publications, speaking engagements, and the like.

Currently, Dancing Rabbit is living nearby and in a close relationship with Sandhill Farm. Sandhill is an egalitarian, income-sharing community that has been living and farming in Northeast Missouri since 1973. We are hoping to buy land within a few miles of Sandhill and move onto it by Spring of 1997. Besides the cooperative relationship with Sandhill Farm, we are currently discussing the possibility of Chicago-based forming community Fiddler's Green joining Dancing Rabbit. At this point all members of DR are members of the income-sharing subcommunity called Skyhouse (after our abode in Berkeley), and we make decisions by consensus.

We also have an e-mail list and publish a newsletter. If you are interested in being a part of Dancing Rabbit please write, call, or e-mail us to get more information or arrange a visit. We are especially looking for pre-existing groups interested in pooling resources with us and/or forming a community within the town of Dancing Rabbit.

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