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Announcement new website on sustainable products and services (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:21:14 +0200
From: Han Hegeman <hegeman@unep.frw.uva.nl>
To: hegeman@unep.frw.uva.nl
Subject: Announcement new website on sustainable products and services

If you are interested in sustainable development issues related to
products and services then this information is for you.

The United Nations Environment Programme Working Group on Sustainable
Product Development (UNEP-WG-SPD) has a new 60 page+ WWW site with
searchable databases at:

Find out about the UNEP-WG-SPD, its background, Research and Network
Programmes and projects in the introduction.

Search for contacts in the extensive network member database with contacts
in more than 50 countries. When available the e-mail address of a network
contact is 'clickable' so you can directly contact them through our system.
Members WWW sites are also linked when available.

Search on Sustainable product and service examples (60+ with illustrations
and text). Read the workshop proceedings and papers on selected UNEP-WG-SPD
workshops on subjects such as Telecommunication, Renewable Resources and
Services for Sustainability. Find background and contact information on the
UNEP-WG-SPD Expert Group on Renewable Material Resources.

Also available is link earch utility and a list of publications.
Downloadable PDF versions of our 'reports' and workshop papers can be
downloaded from our site, including PDF versions of our magazine 'Way
Beyond' - issues on:
 ~       Renewable Materials
 ~       Sustainable Communications
 ~       Passive Solar
(Please note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print PDF downloads
from the site. It is available free via our homepage).

We believe the site essential for low cost media distribution on
sustainable products and services and are continually improving it within
the resources we have available.

We hope you find your visit useful and productive.

Han Hegeman M.Sc.

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