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Re: Aquaculture in "The Growing Edge" (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Aquaculture in "The Growing Edge"

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>Subject: Aquaculture in "The Growing Edge"
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>Aloha to all!
>I got the latest issue of The Growing Edge
>(Vol.9 No. 1 Sept./Oct. 1997) today couldn't help but
>notice two articles on a recent topic of this list: Aquaculture.
>One is entitled "Aquaponics - Combining Aquaculture and Hydroponics"
>and the other "Hydroponics & Acuaculture Working Together: A Case Study"
>Since this area is not my forte, I won't comment on the quality of the
>articles but I'm sure those of you interested will want to check it out.

I saw this type of setup (aquaponics/hydroponics) at the ADM Raingardens
facitily in Decatur, IL this summer when I was given a tour of their 10
acre facility.

Also there is a place here in Amherst, MA that I have been given a tour of,
called Bioshelter.  Needless to say ADM was much more impressive, but from
such a large company, you can only expect the best.

ADM had 5 acres of lettuce and cukes.  They also had 5 acres of fish, and
then used the fish-poop as fertilizer in basil, mint, and other herb