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Intentional Community Links


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Title: Intentional Community Links

Lux Intentional Community Links

Last updated 9/5/97

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The list that follows has been gathered together to help you find sources for information on Intentional Communities. Have suggestions? Please e-mail them to us! Please note: except the budding intentional community project I'm working on, I do not plan to use this page as a directory for specific communities -- there are other pages here referenced that do a much better job!

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Resources and information on Intentional Communities
Lux Intentional Communities Page (home)
Intentional Communities Web Site - Arguably the most important and informative IC site on the Web
NICA Resource Page - Information and instructions on starting a community and more.
Communications for a Sustainable Future
FEC Systems & Structures Archive

Intentional Community Discussion
The Ecobalance E-mail Discussion Group - Ecovillages plus a lot of general intentional community discussion
Archive of Community in the Workplace Discussion

Lists of Intentional Community Links
Some sources for people interested in intentional community
Yahoo! Intentional Communities category Web site listings

Sustainable Living
Alternative Energy resources on the Web (part of the Alternative Energy discussion threads)
Resource Guide for Straw Bale Construction - Site with lots of information on straw bale construction
Dancing Rabbit - Sustainability organization with plant-based diesel fuel (biodeisel) information.

Consensus and Other Community Leadership/Government Issues
A Guide to Formal Consensus

Intentional Community Options
Vermont Intentional Community Project
The Cohousing Network
Federation of Egalitarian Communities
Northwest Intentional Communities Association - News, cohousing, communities, and links

Sites Selling Products Pertaining to Sustainability and Intentional Community
Empowerment Resources page on 'Resources for Building An Ecologically Sustainable Society'
Jade Mountain - Site selling equipment related to sustainable living. Some interesting hydro power solutions here.
The Community Bookshelf: Books on community and related subjects