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Treetown Discussion List


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Title: Treetown Discussion List
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T r e e t o w n

Formerly The Tree-House Discussion List For Community Forestry & Ecologies.

Treetown Special Report: City of Atlanta Hosts Cities By Nature's Design - American Forests' 8th National Urban Forest Conference. September 17 - 21, 1997, Georgia US. [ClickHere] for official conference information. All Conference Attendees are heartily encouraged to join our Community Forestry mailing list, from which you can unsubscibe at any time ... [Join Treetown] ... Hope to see you soon!
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A place to enjoy some interesting points-of-view ... TreeTown Friend Sites: Links to TT-Listees & alumni. Treetown is an eco-friendly Internet forum for all who care deeply about the greening of public streets & gardens in their hometowns, who think about 'downtown' as a good place for growing trees! Being a 'Majordomo' list-server, it is fully accessible from most e-mail accounts. We recognize that healthy environments are diverse & interdependent, & that the habitats of wild-life & of human-life should symbiotically coexist. Our members reflect such a diversity through a broad spectrum of 'arboricultural' interests, experiences & geographical origins. To check out this list & take a part in our engaging on-line dialogues, click on: [Subscribe Treetown]. Currently we are circulating under [2] message-posts per day. Another service from The Flora Press. 'We Rant. We Plant' ...
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