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Community Alliance With Family Farmers Home Page


 Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Dragonfly Market Gardens
 mailto:london@sunSITE.unc.edu - mailto:llondon@bellsouth.net
Title: Community Alliance With Family Farmers Home Page



[logo] What is CAFF?
Programs, Publications, History, and how to become a member.
Public Policy
CAFF campaigns to promote sustainable agriculture.
[hands] Sustainable Agriculture
FAQ's, Resource Groups and practical information on sustainable farming.
[tractor] Locator
Where and when is the next CAFF event?
[interaction] Farms for All
Community supported agriculture (CSAs), Farm tours, Farming/gardening questions.
[windmill] Info
Map of the site.
Welcome to the CAFF Web site!
Here you'll find the latest information on the growing sustainable agriculture movement in California. You can locate a supply of fresh, seasonal produce, find out what to do about cucumber beetles, or become a member.

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