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Technology Breakthrough!

Technology Breakthrough!
Compact, wide range (0-5000 ppm) CO2 monitor and controls available for
private label manufacture.
	Well It's happened.  Someone has finally come out with an improved CO2
detector.  Please refer to the attached spec sheets.  It's much improved
over CO2 monitor products and much smaller in size...only 3.84" X 3.84"
X 1.5".  It's also capable of a 0-5000 ppm range, as opposed to the
0-2000 ppm that is commonly available now.
	With this new design we can easily mount it in a compact enclosure and
get rid of the hang-on CO2 detector and all of the messy cords.  It's
possible to use trim pots, standard switches, rotary switches or
membrane keypads to adjust the CO2 level and hysteresis. Preset or
infinite adjustments are possible by setting the "low level on" and the
"high level off" (on the display) which would be retained in
non-volatile memory good for 200+ years. The operator can then set the
unit to turn the CO2 generator on or off at any numerical value between
0 and 5000 ppm
For example, one can set the control to turn on the CO2 at 1237 ppm and
off at 1688 ppm.  
	All sorts of logic functions can be added to our versatile control
unit.  With one control unit IN ADDITION TO monitoring CO2 we can also
monitor inputs such as one or or temperatures, pressures, light
intensities, EC levels,
shaft rotation (RPM) and many other inputs as the sensors become
	In the same control unit we can impliment one or more elapsed time
timers and/or a real time ("clock time") clock capable of keeping
accurate time for up to 10 years without external power.  Many different
displays are also available such as dot-matrix LCD, Vacuum Fluorescent,
gas plasma or custom designs.  We can even impliment datalogging
functions complete with a hard-copy print out.  The customer can pick
and choose the functions needed for the ideal (and most saleable) end
product and strike the perfect balance between cost considerations and
For more information:  Integral Controls
		        3364 Sandlin Road,
		        The Dalles, OR  97058
		        Phone/Fax:  541-296-3792
		        Toll Free:  1-800-760-6874
		        E-Mail:  control@clicknc.com